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March 24, 2013


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"Lovi~!" The Spaniard sang throughout the room, "Time to wake up!" Romano grumbled as he pulled the bed sheets over his head.

"No. Go away you bastard," he cursed. Spain sighed and reached for the bed sheet.

"But a very pretty girl is visiting today~" Spain smiled.

"I don't care! Now go away!" He shouted back. Spain gave up and turned around, just when he heard the sound of the doorbell ring. Dashing downstairs, he answered the door to see a beautiful figure standing before him.

"Miri! How wonderful to see you again! ¿Como éstas mí amór?" He said, stretching his arms out for a hug.

"Estoy bién! Te extrañé tanto! Im muy contento de poder verte de nuevo! (I missed you. I'm so glad I could see you again.)" she hugged back, nuzzling her chin in his neck.

"I missed you too! Please, come in. I want you to meet someone," He chimed, holding her hand, pulling the girl in the house.

"Oh, Romano~!" Spain called. No response came. Sighing he pulled Miri upstairs with a smile. Opening the door to Romano's room, Miri took a look around.

"Go away you stupid bastard!" The boy grumbled through the blanket in anger. Miri giggled. Romano's eyes opened wide at the sound of her angelic voice. He threw the covers off the bed. And looked at the woman, holding hands with Spain.

"Romano, this is my friend, Mirilleli. Miri, this is Romano," he groaned. Romano blushed as Mirilleli sat down in front of him on the bed, next to Spain.

"Antonio! You never told me he was so adorable!" She smiled at the blushing Italian, "Aww! He looks so cute when he blushes!" Romano's face became red as a tomato. Spain rolled his eyes and sighed.

"He's not so cute when he opens his mouth," Romano pouted childishly, causing Mirilleli to smile in adoration.

"Don't tell me you're jealous of him!" She giggled. Spain furrowed his brows in jealousy.

"N-no I'm not!" He retorted, "¡que es una idea loca!"

"Have you taught your little friend some Spanish?" Mirilleli questioned.

"Well, I neve—,"

"Besame!! Querio un beso!" Romano begged.

"Aww! Romano is so cute! Did he get it from you Antonio?" She giggled. The Spaniard blushed as Romano grew anger.

"I guess you could say that. Gracias!" Spain blushed, smiling.

"No! He's a bastard!" Romano whined.

"Oh! Romano! That's bad language! And I'm sure Antonio would never teach you anything like that!" Mirilleli scolded.

"Miri, would you like some lunch?" Spain asked. The nodded her head, while tanning. Antonio took her hand and motioned Romano to come.

As they reached the kitchen Romano sat on one of the chairs while grabbing a tomato.

"Miri, do you mind cooking for us, like old times?" Spain requested sweetly.

"Not at all!" She smiled, "as long as you help me!" Spain nodded and skipped next to her.


"Wow, Miri, your cooking smells the best!" Spain complemented as he smelled the pasta, covered in in hot tomato sauce. She smiled and stabbed a fork on her pasta covered plate.

"Spain, opened your mouth!" She chimed, moving the fork towards his mouth.

"Mmm... Miri! Dish tashtesh sho good!" Spain muffled, with his mouth full. She giggled.

"Antonio! Don't eat with your mouth full! It's rude!" He swallowed his food and grinned.

Romano grew jealous. He walked over to Spain who was leaning foward with his elbows leaning against the wooden counter. His chin resting on his palms, staring into Mirilleli's green orbs.

"Hey!" Romano yelled as he kicked Spain's shin.

"Ow~!" Spain yelled as he collapsed on the ground.

"I want pasta!" He demanded. Mirilleli giggled and carried Romano on the counter. She fed him bites of pasta as the Spaniard stood up.

"Romano! That's not very nice! And rude in front of the pretty lady!" Spain scolded Romano as Mirilleli blushed slightly.

"Humph," Romano crossed his arms, looking away.

"Okay, bath time," Spain grumbled.


"I don't wanna!" Romano refused, running away.

"Oh, he's so adorable!" Mirilleli giggled. Spain sweat dropped.

"Mir, porfavor, ¿puedes cogerlo para mí?" Spain asked. She nodded and ran in the living room.

"Romano, come here," she demanded in an angelic voice.

"N-no!" He refused, jumping on the couch. She walked over to him and place a finger on his head. He stopped and sat down, blushing.

"Oh, Romano..." She sighed, sitting next to him.

"Y-yes?" He whispered. She sat him on her lap, rubbing his top head.

"You're so cute!" She squealed, "please take a bath for me!"

"But I dont want to!"
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pktcat Jan 11, 2014  Student Artist

Don't eat with your mouth full! It's rude!

But how would I eat then?????

LucasandLoba Jan 11, 2014  Student Filmographer
Aww crap! XD this has been here for a year, I had no idea! Thanks... XDD
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pktcat Jan 13, 2014  Student Artist
XDDD Your welcome.
lol ok then, no tomatoes till after bath time XD
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AnimeFreakazoidsRule Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Soooo Cute!
I wish I hadn't ended there, I wanted more! xD
aww piccolo rom è così carino!
Pucca2000 Jul 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Haha, chibi Romano's so cute. :3 Great story.
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